About Berenstargh

Market Penetration with Berenstargh – The Brand!

Berenstargh is a trademark of PATONA INTERNATIONAL S.L.U. Not any brand! Berenstargh has more than 20 years of experience, know-how, innovation and advanced modern technology. No less than the concentrated power of the number 1 in digicam battery wholesale. And throughout Europe.

Concentrated Power + Resources + Innovation = Berenstargh

PATONA INTERNATIONAL S.L.U. is a global wholesale company founded by Patric Schwärmer. The aim was to “mix up” the wholesale battery market. Definition of goals: market leader – that’s it! Today, after more than 20 years of experience in the business and Europe’s number 1 in the digital camera battery wholesale, we’re proud to say: It worked!

That’s why we are still particularly proud of our product range today, which includes rechargeable batteries, chargers and power supplies for cameras, camcorders, tools, tablet PCs, smartphones and laptops as well as various household items such as vacuum cleaner bags or LED bulbs.

Recently, we have successfully and dominantly occupied the filament market field for 3D printers and will expand this business worldwide in the future.

We have developed, designed, protected and licensed countless products for different companies worldwide and produced and imported corresponding products. Today, we are all the more proud of our PATONA product series: Standard, Comfort, Premium, Platinum, which established our position as the market leader. However, we are not resting on our laurels! On the contrary!

We present with passion the quintessence of years of effort, investment, experience and knowledge. With Berenstargh we have created an exclusive brand for retailers, that combines maximum performance, innovative technology and best quality. More is currently not possible in the mass-market digicam battery segment.

Berenstargh is the absolute best we’ve ever built in a battery!

Exclusively for the specialist and retail trade.

Of course, Berenstargh digital camera replacement batteries and chargers are suitable for every user with highest demands. In particular, the Dual LCD battery charger with exchangeable charging stations, which charges two batteries (even of different types) and additionally even external devices at the same time, in combination with the Berenstargh high-performance batteries is primarily for professional users.

Berenstargh is a solitaire in the market.


Whether you are a distributor, wholesaler, specialist or retailer, we would like to get you “on board”. For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to include smaller quantities in your portfolio. Excellent service, marketing support and decent pricing, even for small dealers, are a given.

Apply today to become a partner of PATONA INTERNATIONAL S.L.U.

Berenstargh batteries and chargers for professional users should not be missing in your portfolio.

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