Digital Camera Battery

Specially developed for the high demands of professional users.

The Berenstargh battery is equipped with maximum capacity, quality and technology and often exceeds the original manufacturers’ products.

The excellent price-performance ratio and the special longevity as well as the low self-discharge make every Berenstargh Battery a high-quality product.

Berenstargh digital camera and camcorder batteries are available for more than 300 different camera models.

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Advantages / Unique Features of Berenstargh Batteries:

  • Latest Info Chip Technology
  • Maximum Charging Capacity
  • Quick Charge Function
  • Especially Durable
  • Often Better Than the Original Manufacturer’s Battery
  • Professional Quality
  • Sold exclusively in specialist and retail stores as well as selected online shops.
  • Trendy brand, sophisticated design

Berenstargh high performance batteries are available for more than 300 different models.