V-Mount Battery

These are the batteries that are used by professionals. Berenstargh V-Mount Batteries.

Professional users love the Berenstargh V-mount system. Digital Camera and Camcorder Batteries for the V-mount system are produced by renowned manufacturers (including Sony).

Maximum capacity, extra longevity, quick charging, quality and safety – these are just a few of the benefits of Digicam Batteries for the V-Mount Charger.

V-Mount Digicam and Camcorder Batteries can be found in our B2B online shop:

Berenstargh battery f. Sony BP-190WS (190Wh)

Berenstargh battery f. Sony BP-95WS (95Wh)

Advantages / unique features of the Berenstargh V-Mount Batteries:

  • Latest Battery Technology
  • Particularly Durable
  • Maximum Capacities
  • V-Mount-Compatible
  • Professional Quality
  • Exclusively Available for Retailers and Selected Shops
  • Trendy Brand

Berenstargh V-Mount Batteries provide maximum performance for the professional user.