Dual V-Mount Ladegerät

Dual V-Mount Charger

Charge two batteries at the same time, or power external devices via DC XLR output.

The Berenstargh V-Mount charging system is becoming a future standard for professionals among digital camera and camcorder manufacturers. The Berenstargh V-Mount Charger is compatible with all digital camera batteries that are based on the V-Mount charging system.

With a charged battery (at least 1), the V-Mount Charger can be used via CD XLR output as an external power supply for various devices and serves as a backup power supply.

The charge level, supply, voltage and other important information can be checked with the aid of different LEDs.

For more information about the Berenstargh V-Mount charging system, visit our PATONA B2B online shop.

Benefits / Unique Features of the Berenstargh V-Mount Charger:

  •  Charge Batteries of Different Capacity Simultaneously
  • Charge or Operate External Devices via DC XLR Output
  • Usable as a Backup Power Supply without AC Mains Connection
  • Powering of External Devices without External Power Supply
  • Integrated Microcontroller Detects Required Voltage
  • Overcharge and Overheating Protection
  • Winged Stand for Stable Stand
  • Compatible with all V-Mount System Batteries
  • Multicolor Control LEDs
  • Incl. High-Quality 4-pin XLR Cable
  • Exclusively Sold in the Specialized Trade
  • Futuristic Charging Technology
  • Trendy Brand, Sophisticated Design

Like other Berenstargh products, the Berenstargh V-Mount-Charger is primarily used in the professional field.