LCD Dual Battery Charger

Charge 2 different batteries + external devices at the same time. As good as it gets!

The LCD dual battery charger is a truly professional charger and designed specifically for the special desires of demanding users.

You can charge two batteries, even of different capacities, synchronously or individually and power an external device, such as a smartphone, voice recorder, tablet PC etc. at the same time or charge it via the additional USB output.

Interchangeable charging stations give you maximum flexibility. You can use different replaceable stations on the same charger and therefore charge batteries of different types or capacities.

An LCD display informs you about important parameters. The quick charge function and the overcharge protection ensure the exact right amount of power. The charger is robust. In addition, a motor vehicle charging cable is included.

Find an overview of Berenstargh LCD Dual Chargers here.


Advantages / Unique Features of the Berenstargh LCD Dual Charger:


  • Changeable Charging Stations
  • LCD Display
  • Synchronous Charging of 2 Batteries
  • Simultaneous Charging of External Devices
  • Overheat Protection
  • Quick Charge Function
  • Particularly Durable and Robust
  • Professional Quality
  • Motor Vehicle Charging Cable Included
  • Exclusively Sold in Specialized Trade
  • Trendy Brand, Sophisticated Design

The LCD Dual Charger with replaceable charging stations is available for more than 300 different camera models.