LCD V-Mount Akku

LCD V-Mount Battery

High current capable, V-mount compatible, Trimix cell technology

Protection circuits control cell balance, temperature and charging, as well as charge states. An LCD display shows all important information such as the remaining battery duration in minutes. P-Tap / D-Tap can be used to operate other devices such as light bulbs / lamps and other devices.

LCD display, high-quality cell technology, high functionality. Berenstargh’s V-Mount LCD battery packs are state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technology for the professional sector.

LCD V-Mount batteries can be found in our B2B online shop:

⇒Berenstargh LCD V-Mount battery for Sony DSR, HDW, PDW series 9900mAh/150Wh

⇒Berenstargh LCD V-Mount battery for Sony DSR, HDW, PDW Serie 19800mAh/293Wh

Advantages / unique features of the Berenstargh V-Mount batteries:

  • Innovative cell monitoring means efficient energy management
  • Maximum capacities
  • LCD Display
  • V-Mount compatible
  • Rubber-coated, non-slip housing
  • P-Tap / D-Tap for external devices
  • High-end quality
  • Exclusively for the specialized and retail trade and selected shops
  • Innovative brand

Berenstargh LCD V-Mount batteries offer high-end performance for the professional user.