Micro V-Mount Battery

High current capability, V-mount compatible, innovative cell technology

The integrated protection circuit monitors temperature, over-charge, over-discharge and cell balance. With a 30% smaller size and higher performance compared to traditional V-Mount batteries, the Berenstargh MICRO V_Mount battery makes the heart beat faster.

In addition, lamps, light sources and other devices can be operated via the rechargeable battery using the P-Tap / D-Tap.

30% smaller, innovative cell technology, maximum safety. The MICRO V-Mount from Berenstargh is specially designed for the needs of the professional segment.

MICRO V-Mount batteries can be found in our B2B online shop:

Benefits / Unique Features of the Berenstargh MICRO V-Mount Batteries:

  • 30% smaller, with higher performance
  • Innovative cell monitoring means efficient energy management
  • Maximum capacities
  • V-mount compatible
  • P-Tap / D-Tap for external devices
  • High-end quality
  • Exclusively for the specialized and retail trade and selected shops
  • Trendy brand

Berenstargh MICRO V-Mount batteries offer high-end performance for the professional user.