Image: Berenstargh Battery Handle

Battery Grip

Professional camera equipment also includes our Berenstargh battery grips for various camera models.

This adds practical features to the camera.

The Berenstargh battery grip offers various features and can be mounted directly on the camera without an interchangeable plate.

Our battery grips take 1-2 batteries and have, depending on the model, a remote control and/or multifunction remote control.

Here you can find an overview of the battery grips from Berenstargh.

Features of Berenstargh battery grips:

  • Insert up to two batteries
  • High quality workmanship
  • Extended range of functions (depending on model)
  • No exchange plate required
  • Integrated battery cover holder (depending on model)
  • Particularly durable and robust
  • Professional quality
  • Exclusively in specialized trade
  • Trendy brand, sophisticated design

The Berenstargh battery grips are available for many different camera models.