Image: Berenstargh Battery Handle

Battery Grip

Professional camera equipment also includes our Berenstargh battery grips for various camera models. This adds practical features to the camera. The Berenstargh battery grip offers various features and can be […]

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Image: Berenstargh 4-fold Charger

4-fold Charger

Charge up to 4 batteries with 8.4V / 16.8V simultaneously. Special charging trays and an intelligent MCU (Micro Controller Unit) make the Berenstargh 4-way charger a true professional charger. The […]

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Image: Berenstargh Hyper PD Charger

Hyper PD Charger

Charge two batteries simultaneously with Power Delivery (PD). The Berenstargh Hyper PD charger is one of the world’s best chargers for digital camera batteries in the professional segment. We have […]

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Micro V-Mount Battery

High current capability, V-mount compatible, innovative cell technology The integrated protection circuit monitors temperature, over-charge, over-discharge and cell balance. With a 30% smaller size and higher performance compared to traditional […]

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V-Mount Battery

These are the batteries that are used by professionals. Berenstargh V-Mount Batteries. Professional users love the Berenstargh V-mount system. Digital Camera and Camcorder Batteries for the V-mount system are produced by […]

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Digital Camera Battery

Specially developed for the high demands of professional users. The Berenstargh battery is equipped with maximum capacity, quality and technology and often exceeds the original manufacturers’ products. The excellent price-performance […]

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LCD Battery Charger

The Berenstargh LCD Battery Charger for your digital camera allows you to simultaneously charge a battery and power an external device or charge it. Due to the exchangeable charging stations, […]

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